Smooth, Soft, Summer Legs

As the summer gets into the hottest weeks, ladies everywhere are facing the same dilemma. How do you get and keep super soft legs? Many have tried laser hair removal, the shave cream that takes away hair, and waxing. Unfortunately, these are expensive, tedious, or painful, and what woman wants to do any more work this summer? I have some steps to achieve that perfect summer look with 3 simple tips that are so easy that anyone can do it!

Exfoliate Away

Buffing your skin is an excellent way to prep your summer legs to get that gorgeous glow. While you may already have a way to exfoliate, I suggest a body scrub. Sugar, coffee grounds, or salt are all excellent types of scrubs. It may make your skin feel a little bit weird at first but no worries, ladies, I promise that it will help and feel amazing after. When you exfoliate your legs, it knocks off all the old skin that occur when you have dry, unshaven skin. Why must taking care of our summer time skin be so difficult? You can wash away your scrub in the shower and it comes off easily (along with all that gross skin)! This is a perfect prep for our next step.


Shave Those Legs!

Once the skin is prepped and ready after exfoliation, the next part is (sigh) shaving. However, don’t despair! Shaving is actually great for your legs and skin, especially if you’re using a good razor. Not only is it good for you, it can also be cheaper and easier than waxing or laser removal. (Plus, it’s getting even cheaper with this shave club for women!) Scrape additional dead skin away and refresh your skin to give it a glow. Moisturizing shave gel will also lock in moisture and nourish your skin to help protect it during your everyday routine. What a deal, right? So, don’t skip this beneficial step and shave for those super smooth legs.

 Bring on the Moisture

As women know, legs can get super dry, super fast (which is not sexy at all)! It’s important to hydrate your skin, especially in the summer when all you want is a drink, some sand, and sun. We shave and shave and we expect our razors to moisturize our legs enough, right? Unfortunately, you should always follow up your shower with a skin-conditioning treatment, especially in summer and winter. After you shave, shower, or bathe, use a body lotion, body oil, or cream. The point of moisturizing after you shave is to lock in that sexy smooth skin, and make sure you get the longest lasting results rather than having to shave again the next day. If you create a routine like this, your summer legs will be the smoothest things around, and it will make the season splendid. Safe shaving, ladies, and enjoy the sunshine! (Remember that sunscreen!)