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June, 2017, Actress Gaia Passaler cast as “Natalia,” in the world premiere of Inversion, opening at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

Gaia Passaler, an actress divinely bestowed with brains to match her radiant physique is cast in the role of “Natalia,” the Russian beauty in the world premiere of Inversion at the Sacred Fools Theatre this June. Passaler, who hails from Milan, Italy, (where she was a practicing orthodontist) is no stranger to the American stage. Last year she appeared in the role of, “Natalie Kelly” in the special one-night, sold-out premiere of, Marilyn! A New Musical!  At the Alex Theatre, celebrating the life of Marilyn Monroe. Passaler appeared alongside stars such as Kelley Jakle (Pitch Perfect) as Marilyn Monroe. ( .) She’s also been cast in several new films, including a three-minute film for the Danny Elfmann competition entitled, The Newcomer , as well as, The Chosen Path, not yet released, and Toenail, which won third place at the HBO Visionaries Competition.

“Natalia,” Passaler’s role in Inversion, is electric seduction on stage surrounded by a fantastic cast of characters, each showcasing familiar dating stereotypes including nerds, players, and the ever-popular, hot girl … Passaler herself.  Inversion is akin to “Big Bang Theory” meets “Friends.” Say, for example, what if Joey was best friends with Sheldon and tried to give him dating advice? And what if Sheldon tries that advice out on Rachel, or even Penny? Inversion has its own set of uniquely quirky characters and scenarios that will give you loads of laughs and shared nods of recognition.

Passaler, for one, will instantly attract your attention with her long, curly locks, stunning figure and bright smile, and she’ll keep it with her powerful acting chops.  The entire cast sustains the bar high, so do not miss this funny, sweet and touching romp of hilarity and heart through the messy, magnificent, mirthful scenarios that make up the dating scene.

There’s much more to come for Passaler as she shared that she is especially excited to be cast alongside the one-and-only Malcolm McDowell in two films of the upcoming mysterious trilogy, The Mystery of Casa Matusita, as well as working on other films and visiting her family in Milan.

Join Passaler and the entire exquisite, cohesive cast for one of their five performances at the Sacred Fools Theatre, 1078 Lillian Way, LA, CA  90038 on June 3rd – 9:30pm – Preview, June 8th – 8:30pm, Opening Night, June 16th – 7pm, June 17th – 7:30pm, June 18th, 7:30pm – the Closing Show! Tickets available at the Hollywood Fringe Site – $12-$15 General Admission, or And make sure to keep an eye out for the whirlwind career of Passaler on TV and in the theaters in the coming months.