Interview With The The founder of One Life Clothing! Michael J

The founder of One Life Clothing, Michael J. Landry Jr. and his wife are still active duty Marines. They both love fitness – it increases both the quality and longevity of life. This is how they first started – creating clothes for fitness. Seeing many horrors on their missions, they learned to appreciate the one life we got – hence the name of the company.

Now they create all types of clothing under the One Life Clothing brand, so you can use it as a reminder to the best you every day.


Celebs Fans: We been watching you and been hearing a lot about you and your Online store  “ One Life Clothing “ from plenty people we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention how does it feel?

Answer. It’s a great feeling… I think it’s kind of cool.

Celebs Fans : Let’s talk a bit about your work and what is the secret behind your success?

Answer : We are a brand that is all about promoting exactly what our name states. You only get one life so you should enjoy it. Your wardrobe should match your lifestyle and ambition. We pride ourselves in delivering great products at extremely low prices. Everything with us is personal. The customer service is important. I personally handle ever order that comes through the pipeline.

 Celebs Fans : What are you working on now?

Answer : Currently we’re working on marketing and expanding. One of the hardest things to do is grow your business and that’s a top priority for us right now being so new to the fashion industry. We do have a few upcoming projects in the works though. Supporters ask and we’re delivering.

Celebs Fans: What inspires your creativity?

Answer : I’m big into working out and when I’m in the gym, I see women and what they wear, what’s comfortable and I also ask questions to them. That’s how I come about with lots of my leggings and women products. As far as men, I create things that I would like to wear. I don’t truly want to copy off anyone else. I want to provide something different that can be worn for multiple occasions.

Celebs Fans : Who are your inspirations?

Answer : My kids. I have a 7yr old daughter and a 2yr old son. Everything that I do is for them. Setting the example that no matter how hard something is or who tells you that you can’t do it, as long as you put your mind to it, it can be done. I also use Sean Combs as an inspiration. Whatever he puts his name on is gold. He is self-made and accomplishes things people doubted him on. Those are the footsteps I follow in.

 Celebs Fans : What are your plans & hopes for the future?

Answer : The plan is the continue to grow as a company and brand first and foremost. Within the next 2 years, hopefully we will be inside of some of your favorite stores. We are also planning to sponsor a few up and coming people as well as starting a fitness group. So anyone looking to join the team, we’re looking lol.


 Celebs Fans : Tell us about your online store?

Answer : Our online store is awesome. You can get everything you need from there whether it’s our polo’s, snapbacks, dresses, whatever you need to match your style with ambition. We are credit card friendly and also operate with the PayPal system so any transaction that you make is safe and secure. Being that our brand is so personal, we even feature customer pics on our page if they send it in.

  Celebs Fans : Do you set goals for yourself and how do you do that?

Answer : We do set goals. I think that’s important in any business in order to be successful. Every morning I handwrite my goals 25 times and post it in a location that I can see it every day. It’s almost a form of brainwash I guess you can say but it truly helps and focuses you on your mission.

 Celebs Fans:  What made you decide to become an online store owner?

Answer : Honestly nothing. I woke up one morning and told my wife that I wanted to be a businessman, I wanted to start a clothing line and that’s what I did. I originally started just making hand to hand sales and selling it out of my car and house. Then I decided to think bigger and create an online store and reach more people which I did.

 Celebs Fans: What motivates you to do your best work?

Answer : The example that I set for my kids is the primary thing that motivates me. There is no greater motivation than trying to build something better for my kids. Also a big reason is that so many people told me that I couldn’t do it. So many doubted me and didn’t support me and this is my way of getting back at them. Success is the key to overcoming all the hate.

Celebs Fans : How can people find you and follow you online?

Answer : Our website is and you can follow me on instagram @one_life_clothing and on facebook at or email me at onelifeclothing2015@gmail. I love to hear from people and I respond to everything and thanks for your time.

Thanks for taking time out of your day.