Interview With Ms Latavia Roberson the founder of grammy award winning group Destinys

First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?
Most think I started my professional career with the all girl group
Destiny’s Child. I was doing print work and commercials before I was in
DC. However, Destiny’s Child did give me the tools I needed to be able to
network and meet the needed people to create the Sports management company
I now own and run today. Roberson Sports Management, L.L.C. I met my
business partner (Alfred Adams) shortly after I was released from the
group twenty years ago .

What attracted you to begin a career as an entrepreneur, founding
principle ?

I think we are all entrepreneurs in some way shape or forum.
We all would like to be able to make a difference in the world, even if
it is our own world.
Why do you feel this is the ideal profession for you?

I don’t think there
is an ideal profession for me or anyone for that matter. If I love what I
am doing, and I can make others happy while I am doing it, then I think at
that time in life – that is my ideal profession.
How do you like to be managed?

Slowly, I don’t rush things as I want to
make sure the boxer is the right fit for our company, and I want to make
sure the boxer wants to work with us. We pray over business opportunities
to make sure it is something God would want to see move forward.
What sort of management style gets the best out of you professionally?

do things a lot differently here at Roberson Sports Management. Being a
mother has allowed me to be more nourishing and be there for them when
they need me and to be more understanding. A manager that only gets a
fighter fights is nothing more than a closer match maker for the fighter.
We work on building a brand, making sure they set up long term and short
term financial goals, as we as, getting sponsorships in place.
What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

Every professional fighter, actor, singer, even the men and women who serve our
country has been nervous. When the fight is on, remember your training, it
will kick in. I also think being nervous is not a bad thing, it makes us
What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Keep God first, no matter
what, keep God in your life. Stay prayed up. Alfred and I pray all the
time together.
Since beginning your career tell me about a situation that has made you
proud. Being able to travel the world, and work with my sisters (Kelly,
LeToya, and Beyonce‘) we prayed together, we loved one another, and we
will always have a sisterly bond.
Why was this, and what was the outcome?

To grow up with someone and work
so hard as a team and then to sell 25 + million records, receive two
Grammy’s, three Soul Train awards, and eight billboard awards. It is more
than a dream come true
Who is your role model and why?

Jesus – Without him I am nothing.
How can we follow you on social media ?

iamlatavia for all IG & Twitter.

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