Interview With JCRAIG

There are many ways to describe JCraig, unique, talented, charismatic and willing to risk it all. There is one word that ties all these ideas together and is true to his character: JCraig is REAL. Few people sing so honestly from their heart and soul. JCraig combines art, story, and song in perfect unison. Take a look around the site, explore what the gift of songwriter, producer and entertainer, JCraig is truly all about.

New new album TRUTH is a very powerful work of new music. Please tell us about the title and meaning behind it?

The title “Truth” was given to this album for more than 1 reason. Namely, this is a moment of truth for JCraig and his future in the music business. I’ve questioned my existence and relevance in the present day music market and, whether I was still attractive to music lovers and music moguls alike. Secondly, the direction of my song selection for this album was much more reality based. The songs “Risk It All”, “For Eternity”, “Am I A Refugee” and “Tell The Truth” are all message oriented and they deliver motivation, inspiration and introspection. These songs were given to me by what I refer to as a divine connection with the universe. I am a spiritual person by nature and I intend to interject a large degree of myself into each song and hopefully you the listener, will feel the vibe just as I planted it. Lastly, the truth is the light and it brings forth fruit that will continue to replenish the earth and all of its subjects. The sunlight is the best known source of the truth, that we can observe and understand, for we all know that it is the main source of life.

 The new music on TRUTH is very unique, while at the same time it has a familiar feel. What other musicians or albums were your inspiration?

I listen to all kinds of music and, if there is a powerful hook, message or groove, the song will resonate in my mind for a longer period of time. The present day artist would include John Legend , Rascal Flats, Daniel Ceasar and more. The legendary artist would include, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye , Isaac Hayes, Steven Tyler, Led Zeppelin, Stanley Clarke, Quincey Jones, Michael Jackson and more.

 Tell us about some of the lyrics behind your songs?

My lyrical composition comes from my ongoing attempt to express myself with a high degree of intellect, but also using a simplistic approach that would invite anyone to listen. I write my songs as if I were telling a story to someone, they are merely just conversations with musical accompaniment.

If JCraig owned his own record label how would you change the rules and how would the music industry be different?

First off, I would focus on the talent, with not as much concentration on appearance. Don’t get me wrong, appearance is very important but, it should not drive the overall interest of the business completely. Secondly, I believe in the power of the song, whether it comes from a child or from a homeless person, should not determine the content or the power of the song. If I could influence the industry directly, it would become all inclusive, which is what I believe is happening anyway in the industry right now. Let the public decide what’s hot and what’s not.

What do you find to be the biggest challenges of the music industry today and of being an independent artist in general?

The ever present need for finance is the greatest challenge for every independent artist. I was blessed with a great career in the power generation business and made a great living for me and my family previously. But I retired from that business to pursue this wholeheartedly. However, the need for income still remains and resources will have to be captured somehow. And I’m sure that all of the indie artist will concur that financial provisions are of the highest concern until your break comes.

 What do you think creates a hit these days?

There are so many listeners with as many desires and needs, which are supplemented through several forms of entertainment. Music reaches the satiety center in the brain and it excites the sensory system. Some people need motivation, some need fun and fantasy and some need to hear their life story in song. If you can project ether of these subjects in your product, you will have a potential hit.

Could you tell us more about your live show and how we can be a part of it?

First off I will invite all of you to , for a full itinerary of my upcoming live shows. And if you can make it , you will get the JCraig experience. Hope to see you there.

Please link us up to buy your music?

Presently, you can buy my album at Soon you will be able to buy the album at all of the popular e-stores. And if you would like a physical copy, we can send it to you with a paypal advance of $10 plus the mailing fee.

Thanks for having me and I do hope to see you on the road as well.