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A Life with basketball (player–coach) Over a decade, my life has been around basketball. Constant travelling, moving, packing, getting to know many places, many people, many cultures and languages. I am not going to lie. It can be very hard sometimes, but we should always look at the bright side.I firmly believe that things happen for a reason and we should take full advantage of them, when they present themselves.  My husband switched careers, going from being a player to become a coach, but the basketball lifestyle hasn’t really changed. On the contrary. It seems like there is more basketball around, and let’s face it, it’s not really a safe occupation, where you can get fired within few lost games in a row.

My take, and my duty, is to be supportive and, many times, to be independent and having time to myself.Let’s just say, that I have no problem of doing what I like the most, and that is to travel and explore (as you can see on my Instagram profile).    I have met many amazing other basketball wives, being in the same position as myself.  And with some of them we create beautiful memories and good friendship, to support each other. I have seen the struggle some of them were having, mainly due to culture differences, and of course, language barriers.

My recommendation is to try to learn at least little bit of language the locals speak, because that’s the best way to come closer to your surroundings. In that case, you are able to communicate better with people, and trust me, most people all around the world appreciate the effort, a foreigner makes to speak their native tongue, especially the ones that are very hard to learn and speak.My husband taught me Czech over a decade ago, just the basic stuff, really, and made sure that my pronunciation is very good. Guys, you wouldn’t believe how much difference it makes to be able to understand and communicate with other Czech people around me. My time in Prague has been great, mainly since I understand them, and they understand me (well, most of the time…wink).
And then it’s the part of being adventurous. I have always been this type of a person, that gets easily bored doing the same stuff and I can’t stay put too long in one place.Therefore, exploring is the best way to use my time, and I absolutely love it .

I understand that we are all different, and not everyone is the way I am. But you can always get to know or be aware of someone close by, who will be the catalyst and get you out of your routine, which can be boring sometimes.That’s why it is important that the basketball wives should be more in contact, share their experiences and help each other out. We all live a life that it’s not easy but at the same time, if used properly, offers many things that many wives just can’t have.
So, let’s embrace the fact that we get to live this type of life, many times, it’s a matter of only few years. Well, in my case, I have been living this life for 13 years now, and it looks like a new adventure is a waiting to happen. Stay tuned!

I am deeply thankful and blessed… for the special, unique, amazing people in my life, my family, my friends and special my fallowers. They are a big part of this, from different parts of the world and many of them are very different. It give me the possibitly to work and  been many different important events. 
My presence on Instagram and my profession as a jewelry fashion designer, has allowed me to consolidate strategic alliances with important personalities from the fashion, travel, sports, entertainment, media and influencers sectors throughout Europe.Of course, And Im very proud of to share this beautiful jornay with them

Question : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Answer : I´m designer and I have my own company KLeeOfficial based in Barcelona Spain. Originally from Brazil, licenced in arts and with a degree in Jewelery and also in Gestion and Creación de Emprensa. Married to Lubos Barton, retired professional basketball player and actually Heard coach National team sub18 of Czech republic, with 2 beautiful children.
I have gained experience through my lifestyle, my travels and constant changes of cities throughout Europe.
In love with fashion, food, travel, mental and physical health and the desire to live and to discover new trends or rediscover the forgotten ones.

Question : It seems your husband is the bigest inspiration for you?
Answer : yes, hes is, my husband is my everything my support and somebody that I have learn so much, hes is discipline and a fight man for hes dream… WE grow together in may different ways and thats is the most important we have.

Question : what did you learn from being a wife of a basketball player?
Answer : I learn to comunnicate better, to listen, to give advice in the correct moment. Sometimes people just want to talk.
I also hope that in some way I have helped my husband become a better person and give him all supporte for next game or next season, is not always easy and luxury.

Question : What’s your advice to other basketball players wives?
Answer : you must to Reinvente yourself, stay home waiting for your husbad back is not best, so if is the first season in new town, i suggest you go around, do some exercice, enjoy youself. Or even better calll the anothers wifes to go for a caffe.
My recommendation is to try to learn at least little bit of language the locals speak, because that’s the best way to come closer to your surroundings.

Question : How many countires / areas you have visited so far? Any place you were not willing to left?
Answer : OMG, there so many places that I visit because of basketball, be able to travel and to see so many game in another city or country is just a open door.
From North America to China, almost in all over coutry in europe. And for me Barcelona Spain is still my home!! Once the season finished we know where to go back.

Question : Are you satisfied with your life and what it has offers?
Answer :I love living my life and enjoying every moment and every challange that brings. I appreciate every moment and take from those moments everything that I possibly can for I may never be able to experience again.

Question : Have you set any goals to achieve?
Answer : Yes I did, be mother always was a big dream for me, and to careon a family, to see they grow is my proud. And of course my jewellery brand KLee is another of that, I have always goes to set, believe me, I´m very in quiet person.

Question : Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Answer : what I would say is the key is not to get stuck in your current lost state ( or routine, saturation) and to tap into your creative power to create a life you love.
I’m try to do my best, to live my life, because i want to teach my kids from my happiness…pines…

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