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NYC Recording Artist, Israeli Produer and Moroccan Vocalist Churn Out International Dance Video


Lachi jumps back onto the scene with another international collab, this time with renowned Israeli producer Zafrir Ifrach, known for high quality Morrocan influenced EDM tracks and high quality video content.  Zafrir produced the track “Dalale,” Maxime Karoutchi of Morocco sang the lead, and Lachi jumped on for hype vocals at the drops and rap cameo.


Each of the performers on the track have their own distinguished careers in their home countries.  Zafrir Ifrach is a producer and musician of ethnic influenced music successfully combining artists from all over the globe. Lachi, a prolific recording artist and songwriter who’s music has been featured on national TV, radio and film, continues to team up with major and renowned producers to churn out eclectic Pop and EDM tunes. And Maxime Karoutchi is a prolific World Music vocalist.


Ifrach released the video for “Dalale” on youtube which showcases each of the performers in their different cities around the globe. Check it out here:


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