Eight Consideration Before Purchasing Remy Hair Extensions

It is a trend to follow the steps of Hollywood celebrities and models, a lot of women discover the benefits of wearing remy hair extensions. The international market for hair extensions grows bigger and bigger, it is flooded with a lot of hair brands, so you must consider carefully when buy your first human hair extensions, the following are eight points you need to consider.

Know hair types

Remy hair is much better than non-virgin remy hair and synthetic hair, it has the most natural luster, shine, softness, and true to length. The cuticles on remy hair is also aligned facing in the same direction. Besides, remy hair is easily to be maintained and styled, it is less prone to tangling and matting.

Make sure your hair in good condition

If you use hair extensions continuously for a long time, this will cause a serious damage to your own hair and scalp. So, before adding any hair extensions, you must ensure that your own hair and scalp are in a healthy condition. If you are going to use a sew-in attachment, ensure your hair is strong and more than 2-inch long. Please give your own hair a break every 6-month of wearing hair extensions.

Choose a right length

Regardless of what hair celebrities and style magazines are stating, the best way to choose a right hair length for you is to try a suitable length that works best for your height and face shape.

Choose a suitable style

A style is a personal matter, which involves your lifestyle, taste and profession. Besides, when chooseing a style that best fits yourself, the body shape and face shape will be a great factor.

Know the quality of your hair

It takes a great care to tell true remy hair extensions from fakes. There is a little practice and guideline for you to be able to avoid falling into the big lie of hair distributors.

Remy hair is very soft to touch, your fingers will run through the hair like water. The Brazilian virgin hair has a high luster and shine.

Choose a good supplier wisely

With the explosive demand for remy hair extensions, there are more and more suppliers claiming they are offering authentic remy hair. You must be very sure of the remy hair extensions look because they are on top range of extensions, feel its touch and react when you brush it. To choose a supplier more wisely, you should educate yourself about different types of remy hair and their scarcity, so this will help you get the best one.

Choose attachment method

There are various application method such as clip in, tape in, pre bonded, etc. If you are looking for a temporary styling option that provides you additional length and thickness to your hair, then clip in hair extensions will be the best solution. However, if you are seeking a semi-permanent option, a sewn-in hair weft or pre-bonded extension will be a good choice.

Choose a professional stylist

Once you have chosen the style, color and application method, you must choose an experienced hair stylist to install and maintain your extensions. A perfect hair stylist not only applies the remy hair extensions but also customizes them into unique hair styles.