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The In Demand Work Of Film Editor Raghu Gudiveti

Raghu (Raghavendra) Gudiveti is an editor who is currently working on a few commercials and a mini-web television series. Since productions are running a bit slow due to the ongoing pandemic Raghu feels very fortunate to have those jobs. Before this, he was constantly staying busy editing commercials, TV shows, short films, TV features and American TV reality shows. Obviously, all the productions can’t wait to get back into the studios and start shooting again, but until then, editors like Raghu can still work from home at their own editing bays and on their computers.

Raghu is an editor who has won high praise and trophies at the Los Angeles Cinema Awards for several movies he edited. One of the films, Alive won the Best Short award. That was the first film that Raghu edited. He actually did way more than just edit. He was involved in the time-consuming color correction, and among other duties, he had to find the right person to do the voice over. He later said that the post-production time he spent on Alive was a great deal of fun. He also told us that winning awards was a great feeling, but aside from enjoying his peers’ positive reception of him and the film, he felt inspired. It kept him focused to continue to do the best that he could do on every single project that he worked on. Working on Alive also made him aware of and thankful for the place where he is in his life right now. He considers his title of editor and his being able to steadily work a great achievement in itself.

He used to go on movie sets and watch and even help carry things around the set. He doesn’t miss that anymore at all. In his present job, as editor, he no longer has to lug heavy equipment around or suffer the incessant waiting between scene changes and camera setups. Now the film comes to him already in the can, that is, already shot and ready to cut. He can see what was done and he can also see what needs to be done to put the shots in order to match script. Once that is done, he can set the pace of the film with his editing. The editor is really the last person who makes some order out of the thousands of feet of film or hundreds of minutes of digital images. Raghu’s patience, experience and innovative cutting will keep him in-demand for years to come.

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