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Rapper Angello Black Wants Listeners To Take A Sip Of His Hot New Single “Copa”

Scottsdale, Arizona’s own Latin hip-hop crossover artist Angello Black dropped his latest song Copa (Cup) . Originally hailing from Virginia, the first generation rapper/musician  became enamored with the idea of a career in music at the age of 14 after having a vivid dream about becoming a performer. At the same age he was inspired to hone his craft by listening to the hip-hop artists of that time such as Jay Z, Eminem and Young Jeezy who are considered legendary MC’s today.

Over the years Black has crafted a very diverse modern style that is a mix of Latin EDM and hip-hop while he frequently spits rhymes with ease in both English and Spanish. He has also been methodically developing his brand working with other up and coming music artists while also being heavily involved in producing music tracks for television, social media and film. Black sees himself as morphing into a mogul in the music industry similar to other savvy triple threat performers turned music moguls like Dr. Dre and Black’s childhood idol Jay Z. Black sees his future as being  a talent well known for producing, writing and performing – “a connoisseur to the business side of the music industry”, he says.

Angello Black’s song Copa (Cup) produced and written by Black, Izzy Neutron, and  DJ Shaw T is in reference to the value of women being more than just a trophy or arm candy. Black explains, “It’s about beautiful, independent hardworking women. The go-getters. The ones that want a successful man as their companions. “

Copa floods is  available on ITunes and throughout digital media platforms.


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