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This Brazilian filmmaker lives and breathes movies like the rest of us live and breathe air. Humberto Rosa was born to tell stories through the medium of films and to entertain the world with his movies, and we are very happy that we live on the same planet that he does. He has completed more projects than most aspiring filmmakers ever dream of watching, let alone producing.

We were looking at Humberto’s IMDB list of motion pictures, short films and TV series that he’s done and were blown away by the sheer numbers of the shows this young man has under his name. His production company Red Line Filmes has produced over thirty all together, including seven feature-length films, along with numerous shorts, TV shows and documentaries.

Humberto has loved films since he was a small boy growing up in Brazil. When he got old enough he began working on his own movies and then started the production company Red Line Filmes with his friend and partner, Thairon Mendes. Humberto learned every aspect of filmmaking and put each to use in different films, sometimes wearing more than one hat, such as writer, director and producer all at the same time. Besides those above the line budgetary titles, Humberto is also a proficient editor, cinematographer and composer. He is multi-talented, multi-faceted and a multi-hyphenate in the film business.

Humberto also went to Ireland to study English at the SEDA school and while he was there he wasted no time harvesting the local talent to assist him in making promotional films, shorts and a feature titled Invoked.  Although he was already well known in his native Brazil, this horror film put him on the map in Europe as well as the United States where he went on to make several shorts and a feature film. Invoked, by the way, is guaranteed to make its money back, which is important to its producer, (Humberto Rosa himself), because it was shot in four days and the budget was just about the same cost as a Tata Nano, those tiny cars that are made in India. Invoked has done very well already and has gotten some great reviews in both Europe and the U.S.

Humberto is currently hard at work on about fifteen projects at once because that’s what geniuses do. We hope to catch up to him one day and maybe have a spot of tea and a chat, if he ever slows down. Good luck to us.

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