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Actress Holly Caulfield Continues Her Successful Acting Journey, Sharing Her Incredible Talent With The World

You never know what you might get when you take the time to look at an actor’s show reel. We’ve seen several hundred reels in the last few years and we usually don’t hope for extraordinary or even notable results. We must admit, however, that when we pressed the Play button on the computer and Holly Caulfield appeared on the screen, we were highly impressed with how masterly and polished her acting skills were.

She makes acting look effortless, as though she were merely tossing a Caesar salad. Her seamless abilities in the film world (she is also a veteran of the stage) forces us to stretch our minds and our memories to find someone we’ve seen who she can be compared to. It might be hard to find a single actor with whom Holly is on the same level and that’s not to say that one is better than the other. Holly simply embodies the wide range of great qualities that all the outstanding Brits possess when it comes to acting. If we had to compare, then perhaps Helen Mirren comes to mind, that is, a very much younger Helen, although she is not limited to just this one incredible actor. They both project a real sense of balance in human nature and an ease in dealing with lines, movement and playing off the other actor or actors. We can also readily observe the naturalness and fearlessness of their character, and each can do anything the role requires of them with the realization that they have indeed become that persona written in the script.

Holly also has an excellent CV. She trained One to One Acting sessions with world renowned Acting coach Gerry Grennell, and she attended Advanced Performance and Screen Acting courses at Bow Street Academy in Dublin. She also completed the Advanced Theatre Performance program at The Gaiety School of Acting, which is also in Dublin, Ireland. Her IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) credits are: I do, in which she played the lead character, Amy. She was also the lead character in the film Dublin Noir. The Girl Who Cried Red Tears had Holly in the supporting role of Robyn. She played a supporting part as Gina in Unspoken and the main character of Lucy in The Portrait.It was a real pleasure watching Holly Caulfield’s show reel and learning a little more about her. She is the genuine article and her talent and presence in front of the camera will take her a long way.

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