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Brat Productions is one of those production companies that is highly creative in a very quiet way and then they end up with a number of hits on their hands. One of the web series they produce is Chicken Girls, and it has gone viral. The YouTube show has a lot of great stories and some very cool characters, one of which is played by a 15 year old Australian actress Indiana Massara. She plays Rooney Forrester who is the prankster on the show and who is also the captain of the Dance Team and the school photographer. What a mouthful!

Her character actually crosses over into two other Brat produced series, Attaway Appeal and Flunky’s Upset. The producers of the shows saw something very special in Indiana and decided to cast her in all three of their very successful web hits. Chicken Girls is extremely popular and it averages well over 5 million views a week, which is astounding for any show on any venue, whether it’s broadcast TV, Cable, the Web or even motion pictures.

Indiana is a phenomenon. She is from down under, as we said, and she did something that most people attempting to succeed in the entertainment industry never do: she got representation within a very short time of entering this country. Her talents have been so well received here that she signed with agencies that represent Kristen Chenowith, Madelaine Petsch, Wyatt Olaff and more.

She has worked constantly since then and has done commercials, music videos, films and hit web series. She has also worked alongside Dennis Quaid and Amanda Peet on a comedy project for Will Farrell’s Funny Or Die Production Company. She recently was featured in Google’s beautiful new devices promo and was featured in Chobani Yogurt’s national Olympic spot directed by Cannes Award winning Laurence Dunmore.

Indiana is a young woman who has all the talent and drive of a much older woman. That is a compliment, of course, and even though it looks as though she’s rocketing up to the top of her game, she still has tons of hidden resources and even more talent that are just waiting to come out and be seen.