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With his new film ‘Theatre in the Round’ being showcased at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival in the New Frontier VR’s category, Silvio Defant has an acting career with valuable achievements. His first film as a child, the non-profit film (Life as a Dance) for Kids in the Spotlight, Inc won Best Ensemble at the KITS Award. He is also the star of a facebook commercial The Spot that was shown internationally in Movie Theatres, TV, Social Networks and Facebook´s web site. He won the best Actor in 2014 at the Minnesota Morris Film Festival.

Just because Silvio Defant doesn’t live in Italy anymore doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love his beautiful country. Since he has become an in-demand and very well established actor in Hollywood, he would love to shoot a big project back in Italy, he says. He also mentioned that it would give him the joy of bringing his passion home and show the world the beauties of his homeland.

That’s not a bad idea. After all the films he’s done here in the states, Italy might be a way to branch out even further than he has already. He probably won’t be doing that anytime soon, however, because he is incredibly busy right now and has several projects in the works for the very near future.

Lately, Silvio has done commercials for some very well known name brands including Facebook. He has also performed in numerous film productions such as: Every Bite, Love at First Sight, Tempest, J.B., Livestock, The Hero Complex, Within The Dash, Killer Wingfield, This Town is Full of Ghosts, Life is a Dance, among many others. He is currently shooting the comedy Of Everything That Stands. Although he has many more movies under his belt than television shows, Silvio believes this is the golden age of TV and that there are plenty of great roles out there just waiting to be played.

Silvio would also love to work with some of the great directors who are working right now. He would like to work with Edgar Wright because he loves the style of his movies and especially his concept “what if something incredible happens to someone very regular.” Wes Anderson, the director of Rushmore and other super creative films because Silvio finds him to be making art in its purest form. He also admires David Lynch because Silvio is specialized in playing the ‘baddest’ characters. He feels that the great Italian director Federico Fellini was a great inspiration of his, as one of his idols growing up: Silvio talks about him as “the best of the best in every way.”

Silvio is happy that he followed his dreams and came to the United States to be an actor. He is certainly persistent and he believes that persistence is one of the many elements that enable people to accomplish things that others see as impossible. If he would have stayed in Trento, his hometown in Italy, he doesn’t know what he would have done because acting was somehow part of his makeup, it was his destiny. And the way Silvio sees it is, everyone should fulfill their own destiny.