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Roy Hobbs : Tears, Joy, and Amazement

Knowing other sports movies with iconic characters like Bobby Boucher (The Waterboy) of American Football and Ricky Vaughn and Roger Dorn (Major League) of Baseball, among others, one would notice a single commonality between these films: all were set as a fictionalized comedic film featuring characters with their own quirks and unbelievable skill in their sport, the movies were truly make-believe.

Movies such as these that appeal to people’s humor truly make for memorable experiences, most noted for the main protagonists that drive the story.

But not all sports movie of significant characters is always portrayed in comedy, others which could not be portrayed any funnier than what is true to life does it the other sensual way, not necessarily upbeat in tone—drama.

Befitting this criteria, none says it more dramatic and inspiring at the same time than the movie about the highs and lows with baseball entitled, The Natural.”

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