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Mia Scozzafave: Upcoming brazilian actress has been provoking curiosity where she is seen

Mia Scozzafave, a brazilian actress, was born in Ribeirao Preto in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
A bachelor graduate in journalism and writing at University Anhembi Morumbi in San Paulo, she started her professional career in television as Reporter/TV Host. Only in her 2º year in college, she caught attention of a cable TV (Alltv) and landed a job as a reporter. After a month, she was offered her first Tv Show as a Host in the same channel. Later, she worked for different Tv companies, including having her show airing in the second major channel in Brazil (SBT).
As a professional actress, her career started a few years back, already in the US. In a first sight, it might look accidental but Mia had already flirted with acting back home in numerous situations. She had act in theater plays and short-movies. But only after moving to Los Angeles and catching attention again, this time of an agent, Mia looked it professionally.
“I’ve always felt a frenzy when acting but I kept controlled in that spare space inside of me. I had a stable Tv Host career that I enjoyed. It took me years and courage to realize I don’t want to enjoy my job. I want to feel impetuous passion about it. I wanna live my life at full speed. ”
For Mia, the possibility to act and feel what she says “I would never feel other way” is the key. “To open my heart to the differences. To sympathize with other human beings. To me, is fascinating the fact that among 7.7 billion people in this planet, each one of us feel, act and think differently. The mind is infinite and fascinating. And I just love to explore that through my own emotions.”

But this wasn’t always like that. Mia remembers when she went to school at UCLA for a year Acting program and how she felt. “Nervous. I felt very nervous all the time, because now it was for real”. She then decided to keep working harder until being “nervous” wouldn’t make a difference anymore. “As an artist you need to discover who you are. It takes time, but once the time comes, you will know it. If you doubt it, it’s because you’re not ready. That simple. But have in mind: acting in a constant beautiful work in our lives and you will never – get there- That’s a fun part of it”.
Mia also believes that people you are surrounded with makes the whole difference. Having an agent/manager that is a team player is absolute necessary. The best management style for her is the one that really cares about her thinking and her career goals. She loves to hear constructive criticism and be guided by the wiser so she can pursue being a better actress. To her, usually people that take their time away to do or say something like that, “it’s because they care”.
Right now, Mia is living a very proud moment. She came to US to study english as a journalist years ago. Little did she knew that decision would totally change her life. Nowadays she pursues her acting career and she is doing fantastic. Mia is waiting 4 of her movies to premiere and it’s filming another 4. This month she starts shooting her first American movie as a lead, and has another 2 projects under a NDA.
She proudly says out loud: “It took me years to find the courage. Being a foreigner actress, in a foreigner country, having an accent and working here, it’s already a big accomplishment for me. Now, I just strive for more and more excellence in my work and life to my next role”.
Mia also loves music, nature and dogs. “There is a poem, by a Brazilian poet called Augusto Branco that’s been with me my whole life. It’s mistakenly attributed to Chaplin on internet, but part of it’s own original content says”:
“Bom mesmo e ir a luta com determinação,
abraçar a vida com paixão,
perder com classe
e vencer com ousadia,
porque o mundo pertence a quem se atreve
e a vida é muito para ser insignificante.” – Augusto Branco

“Fight with determination,
embrace life with passion,
lose with class and win with boldness,
because the world belongs to those who dare and life is too much to be insignificant.” – Augusto Branco (free translation)

You can find Mia on Instagram: @miascozzafave
Facebook @thatbrazilianactress
Website www.miafave.com
IMDB: imdb.me/miascozzafave