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It’s interesting how Brazil is always on the list of the most interesting countries in the world along with topping the lineup for having the coolest people. They have great food, terrific music and dancing, beautiful citizens and extremely talented actors. One of those actors who, by the way, possesses all the talent and acting skills that Portuguese-speaking nation can pile on to one individual is Vitoria Mattos.

She has done Shakespeare and other classics along with acting in more modern settings with contemporary material such as films like, Block, Worth It?, The Break-Up, Fallen, Don’t Care and among many others, The Theory Of D. She can act any part given to her and the expression of her emotions in front of the camera is just as fluid as her facility with languages; she speaks her native Portuguese and English both fluently.

Vitoria’s drive and talent have gotten her signed with two agents, one in New York that sends her out on commercial auditions and the other one in Los Angeles who represents her for TV and film work. She knows what it means to be an actress. That is, she knows what it’s like to work hard every single day and to get up and go to audition after audition. She realizes that that is what one must do in order to succeed in one of the world’s most highly competitive industries. She saw what she would be up against when she attended the Acting For Film Conservatory at the New York Film Academy. There were plenty of other actors at the school who wanted the same thing she did – to be the best they could be. There was definitely competition there but the biggest competition she discovered was the personal challenge to improve oneself. And that is what she worked on – constantly improving herself and her skills and her craft.

She realized that to be the best at something then one must not necessarily compete with others but only with one’s self. By keeping an eye on her own progress and how she felt inside and how she grew inside as an actor was the important thing in the end. She realized that it all had to come from inside of her. That is, she was the instrument on the movie set that was moving the story forward when she was in a scene. She was really only responsible for her actions and her emotions and her movements and how she related to the other characters, etc. Vitoria is a consummate actor who has great control and never lets it show when she is shooting a scene. That is the sign of a very real actor.


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