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Lia Kees Won The Miss Europe Tittle

The world is rapidly changing, gone are the days when only physical beauty meant everything for a modelling career. For a fashion model, a good figure, pretty face along with intelligence and character is crucial, but it is difficult to find such a gem. After searching for new upcoming stars, we found someone talented and flawless. We came across this amazing fashion model “Lia Kees” on Instagram and noticed that this girl has appeared in the top Insta charts and most famous magazines with other IT girls such as Nita Kuzmina and Anyuta Rai.

As we discovered Lia Kees on Instagram and immediately followed her, we noticed that Lia is the hottest new model in town. Frequently appearing on the top Instagram charts, she has a large fan following and why shouldn’t she? Hot, sexy and extremely down-to-earth with a purpose in mind, she has worked with the fashion industry’s most coveted people and quickly climbed the ladder of success. Appearing on the most famous magazines like Number One, Alex Journal, Playboy, Epitome and Welab, her drool worthy snaps make anyone salivate. Her website was also spectacular and it had all the pretty pictures and information we were looking for about her. Elegant and poise, her style is contemporary, yet there is an aura of mystery and intrigue surrounding her. Lia Kees was chosen as Miss Europe 2016 as well, a remarkable success indeed.

Working as a fashion model since the age of fourteen, Lia is a success story. Born in Kyrgyzstan, she moved to Czech Republic with her family. From the start, she has led a purpose driven life. She has worked hard to achieve her dreams. Her dedication led to a win of many national titles. She finally got a reward for all her struggle, when she went on to win the most popular Miss Europe Beauty Contest in 2016.

Lia is not just another supermodel, she is a philanthropist too. Recently she is involved in a project in Salzburg where she is working on making young girls feel beautiful and confident. Lia believes in goodness and this is exactly what she is currently doing, giving back to the society. That’s what we call a woman of substance.

A blonde bombshell, Lia has worked with international photographers and travels the world. She has recently launched her new project for helping aspiring women to re-launch their own fashion business. Lia Kees has it all what fashion brands look for. There is no doubt she has a stunning figure and an aesthetically pleasing dressing sense. She is constantly flooded with international offers. Right now, she is promoting Hollywood body slim wraps and she is also collaborating with the sensational Czech pop singer, Xindl X on a video.

Lia Kees is a goddess, sensual and enthralling. Her Instagram showcases her captivating and mesmerizing beauty. It is evident from her huge fan following that she truly is a magnificent woman. Search for and there you have it. Lia Kees, a diva. A woman, who just not has a gorgeous body, but also a heart of gold. We promise you will fall in love with her too.