It’s always great when we see actors actually working and being paid for it. The entertainment industry is highly competitive and many actors work only a few days or weeks out of the year, if that, and they struggle to make a living and to make a name for themselves. This doesn’t however appear to be the case for Rayanna Dibs…

She is one of the busiest actresses we’ve seen in a long time and she’s also one of the most talented. Maybe her keen intelligence and finely honed thespian skills are the reasons this go-getter actress is in such high demand on both sides of the Atlantic. Rayanna has performed on the stage countless times, in fact she won her first leading role when she was only seventeen and traveled to the states to be in Willy Russell’s hit musical Blood Brothers. After that, besides attending intensive acting courses with some of the best teachers in America, she has worked consistently on screen and continued to explore the stage.

Rayanna was featured in the motion picture Alone, which was shot in London and directed by Louis Taylor and Daniel Attrill. Her role was the lead female, Emma Taylor, who was going through a toxic breakup with her depressed boyfriend. The film is in post-production and will be released in summer 2017. In Our Little Haven, a heart-felt mystical love story, Rayanna plays a supporting role. This film will be released in late 2017. Rayanna starred in the film Adventures of Sally’s Inner Demons, which was selected to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival. Rayanna played the lead character Sally who lived a reckless lifestyle, which included drinking, late nights, promiscuity and drug use until everything changed when she finds out that she is pregnant. The film received high praise and is a masterpiece of acting by Rayanna Dibs.

Although there are plenty of other feature-length movies and shorts that Rayanna has performed in she is also quite adept and very popular at doing voiceovers. Recently she dubbed the leading lady’s voice in a Russian full-length motion picture, Flight Crew and the studio has invited her to return to work on another big budget feature next year. Next up Rayanna is acting in a stage performance in Central London of a piece she wrote, and has now been cast in an upcoming feature film that is scheduled to be shot in the U.S. next summer and has several of her own projects in development. It seems that when an actress gets busy she just gets busier and busier. When it rains it pours.

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