There’s a new actress in town and her name is Julia. No, not that one, the other one: Julia Modesto. Yes, she’s the Italian actress who showed up in Los Angeles a couple of years ago and started getting all the acting jobs. Right. She was also the one who was in the feature film Come Find Me. We thought she was terrific in that film. She just finished another feature-length film called The Last Fitness Instructor and we heard through the grapevine that not only was the movie fun but that Julia stole every scene she was in. Imagine that.

When we talked to our Italian friend in Palermo recently, that’s where Julia is from, he told us that they miss her beautiful face and the way she used to make everyone laugh. He said that she was one of the best comedians he had ever seen and apparently, he has seen hundreds throughout the years. He also told us that when Julia played the character Penelope in the play Ulysses’ Travels he cried because her acting was so real. He also praised her role of Hero in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and when she played Lisa in The Tipping Point, (which was by the time she had arrived in Los Angeles). He pretty much filled us in on every role Julia played in Italy, which were a lot.

We then had to fill him in on what this extensively trained actress has been doing in Hollywood for the last two years. He was astounded by the sheer numbers that all her performances added up to. We needed a calculator to keep track as we went along until he finally told us to quit counting. He was impressed however, by the feature films she has been in and also the music video and the countless short films she’s participated in. All of this, he realized added up to more than just numbers. He was suddenly quiet when he fully understood what all of it really meant. He knew that they added up to experience and maturity and… a career, and he then grasped what the ultimate meaning of it all was: that Julia, because she has been so successful, might stay in Los Angeles forever. We only hoped that there was a box of tissue near him so he could wipe his eyes.

Well, that was a sad day for Italy but a good day for the citizens of the United States of America. We can’t apologize for Julia simply because she might stay in this great country, it is her choice, after all. All we can do is sympathize with the rest of the world, especially Italy, for missing out on Julia. Ciao, Italia.