The amazing work of the talented Edward Coupland

Edward Coupland in "Grub Snout"
Edward Coupland in “Grub Snout”

When you watch an actor’s demo reel sometimes there just isn’t enough there to help you see the real talent and the inner workings of the actor himself.

Edward Coupland’s reel, however, is one that immediately evokes many feelings and adjectives immediately and almost simultaneously from the lucky viewer: powerful, passionate, masculine, gentle, serious minded, extremely likeable and funny. I haven’t seen anyone who can conjure up those essential qualities and genuine human characteristics since I can’t remember when.

When you see Edward act you will know instantly what I mean. As soon as he enters the scene, any scene, he doesn’t steal it in an obvious way, but he does steal it, in a very humble and natural manner. When the camera turns toward him it’s as though the audience has been waiting for that moment all of their lives. They have gone to the movies since they were kids and seen all the big stars act out their scenes and only a few of those thespians have had an impact on them as Edward Coupland does on his audiences. Only a few of them have had the same instant connection with the crowd. Only a few of them have been able to reach down from the screen and pull the audience in by the collar and whisper to them “Watch what’s going to happen next,” and the audience nods, smiles and can’t wait to see.

This young man is more talented than he knows, and his career, while moving at the speed of light, is only going to accelerate at a faster pace in the very near future. Mr. Edward Coupland had made quite a mark for himself in everything that he’s done so far. The feature length films, Spo0k, Dark Shadows and Bikini Model Academy, along with the highly praised and quite entertaining short Bottlenose, are more than enough examples of this exceedingly and intensively trained actor’s abilities in front of the camera. Of course, in Spo0k, Edward has the title of Executive producer, which has given him much experience in the behind the scenes world of filmmaking also.

Edward is preparing to be in a TV series next year with the writer of Monsters’ Ball, in which he’ll play a detective in 1920s Shanghai. Life is fun for this actor’s actor and he looks forward to working with Daniel Day Lewis, Meryl Streep and Leonardo Di Caprio, among many others of his talented peers. His dream is to realize all of his goals, both in his career and in his personal life.

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