We saw Kento Matsunami’s acting reel the other night. This guy is very good and he seems like such a nice person. Not that that has anything to do with his acting ability but it does show that nice people can be huge successes also and that the nice guy doesn’t have to finish last. Kento, we believe will never finish last. He can play any role, whether it’s comedy or serious. He can play angry intimidating characters as well as believably sweet ones. He seems to have everything that an actor could ever want.

Kento is a handsome leading man who can do anything physically. He is a martial arts practitioner and he has trained in traditional Japanese sword fighting. He is an all around athlete as he was on the Japanese National Soccer Team and he can dance also. His acting, however, is something to behold. Whatever technique or method he uses it is useful. He can transform himself from the truly nice person he really is into something almost unrecognizable when he gets into character. It’s as though he is a magician and abracadabra – he turns himself magically into another thing altogether.

He’s been in countless commercials such as, Amazon Prime, Snapchat, Munsingwear, Citi Panda, I Talk BB and Gogawi, to name a few. Kento has also been cast in some highly praised and very well done films. Some of the feature films he’s been in are: Last three days, by director Brian Ulrich, ZAPS, Inc, and Another Yesterday, directed by Steven Heil. Another Yesterday by the way was Kento’s first ever audition and he had never even been in front of a camera before that. He played Akira – the lead in the motion picture.

That kind of story – yes, another magical part of his life, is a wonderful example of what can happen when everything comes together at once. He was attending Santa Monica College at the time, studying acting and he went to the audition without expecting anything. After all, it was his first time at a real movie audition and why would they hire some inexperienced guy who had just learned English and had almost no acting experience. Well, if you ever see his reel or watch Kento in any of his movies you will know exactly why he was chosen for the lead role of Akira. The answer is not magical at all – it is very simple: Kento is extremely talented and that is why he has established himself so fast as a very fine and talented actor in Hollywood.