PROJECT MC2 Star Antonio Marziale

Antonio Marziale
Antonio Marziale

Antonio Marziale is an extremely talented young actor.  He has loved acting since the young age of twelve and he has been honing his skills ever since.  He works very hard in all of his productions and enjoys working with other actors.  Antonio has an easy going nature and he really enjoys joking around on set.  He loves when he can spend time with others who understand the joy that acting brings him. Antonio has starred in numerous film and theatrical performances.  He has starred in many plays, such as Macbett,, Moonchildren, As You Like It, and Lord of The Rings The Musical.  The performance that Antonio is most famous for thus far is the Netflix Original series entitled Project MC2.  Project MC2 is a series about a group of four young teen girls who are spies.  In the series, Antonio plays a young, handsome British Prince named Xander, who the females leads must work to save.

Antonio really enjoys playing the role of Prince Xander, and he loves working with the cast on Project MC2. The series has been praised by reviewers, and the show has gained him many fans. His performance lights up the screen, we can’t wait to see what happens in season 2. Showing off a much darker side, Antonio also appears in the hit web series entitled Ms. Guidance.  In Ms. Guidance, Antonio plays the role of Danny, a young, disconnected teen who is struggling with his sexuality and the emotional toll it takes on him.  Antonio uses his amazing acting skills to portray the difficult emotions of the character, and he has been highly praised for his performance..  Antonio is talented and has already achieved a great amount since graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, the top acting program in the country… Antonio was the youngest actor to ever get accepted to the program and graduated with many acting awards; I’m sure his teachers had no doubt he was going to achieve the success he already has.  We can’t wait to see what he does next!

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