Bilal Qureshi Weds Uroosa Qureshi


Bilal and Uroosa wed in Karachi on 14 February 2015, the event of Valentine’s day.Bilal Qureshi is Lahore based actor who now a days is quite popular in TV serials and performing lead roles like Menu ka Susral and Jevan Sathi .Bilal Qureshi and Uroosa Qureshi who were in a relationship are finally take the leap this Valentine’s day in a lavish celebration. The couple had made a decision to maintain it a simple. Well, we agree with the fact, it generally takes place only once in a life-time and it must be the finest celebration. Without a doubt that couple is extremely romantic and It’s dream become a reality for Bilal and Uroosa.The young couple decided to keep the wedding small, simple and close and a ceremony of 50 people with close family and friends was where Uroosa and Bilal got hitched. We are glad the celebrities are taking the “Keep It Simple”

Bilal Qureshi and Uroosa Qureshi Wedding Video Exclusive


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