Some people just have that movie star look, don’t they? Of course, most of the people that you think might look like they could or should be movie stars are just plain, simple folks who work in mundane jobs and are not really out of the ordinary. And they can’t act either. Once in a while though, someone comes along who has the looks of someone who should be in the movies and he can act, too.

We saw Harry Jarvis in a few things recently and he most certainly fits the bill described above. The very talented British actor has movies star looks AND he can act. We most recently saw him in the horror movie The Dare, and he convinced us in about three seconds that he had everything needed to be a solid actor, which he is. He was able to steal just about every scene that he was in. (Sorry to the other actors).

In the film 2Hrs his acting talents shine. He plays the lead role of Tim who is a slacker schoolboy who great at wasting time. He finds out, however, that he doesn’t have very much time – he only two hours left to live. Harry carries the film and makes it fun to watch, something that is difficult to do when you’re playing a schoolboy with only two hours to live. We also caught a bit of the six-part historical series called Queens, where Harry played Lord Darnley. Some of his other projects are: ‘Thorne – Scaredy Cat’, the three part Sky drama series, where he plays Young Nicklin alongside David Morrissey, Sandra Oh and Aiden Gillen, and a pilot for Disney called Wings, Spaceship, directed by Screen International’s UK Star of Tomorrow Alex Taylor. Harry has also done quite a lot of theatre such as, King John, as Arthur, Around The World In 80 Plays, as Bernardo, and Agamemnon, as Young Arestes, among many others.

Whether Harry has movie star looks is really irrelevant. It’s the work that counts and the work that Harry does and has done counts a lot toward his being a well-established actor who is respected by his peers and his audiences alike. There are several Harry Jarvis films coming out shortly so go see for yourself.