How to Decorate a Party for Your Birthday

Is your birthday coming? Then you must be worried of arranging a birthday party. Well, decorating a room for a birthday doesn’t require a lot of sophisticated things. You can create a festive atmosphere simply using balloons and lightning. But you must know how and where to use them. Below is our guideline for a typical birthday party decoration.

Things you’ll need

  • Balloons
  • Ribbon or string
  • Tablecloth
  • Happy Birthday banner
  • Streamers
  • String lights
  • Cake candles and
  • Cake toppers

Let’s divide the whole arrangement into two segments- Planning and decoration

Part 1: Planning

Consider the venue

Where you are going to arrange the party, will affect the decoration. If it is a restaurant or a ceremonial venue, it’s better to know what type of arrangement is allowed. If you are arranging it in your home, then consider the room dimensions.

Select a theme

It’s another important thing to consider. One specific theme will decide how your birthday party is going to look like. In that case, consider what type of guests you are going to have. Whether they are all of your age or guests from different stages. The theme should reflect the interest of the average of the guests.

Fix the budget

It’s important to categorize the entire budget for food, décor, beverage, and entertainment. You can also take help from online party websites.

Part 2: decoration


Cover the wall just behind the table to create a better background for photos. Hang a birthday banner. You can also stick photos, festive garlands, or other creative artwork.

  • Use mounting tape so that you can remove it without ruining the wall.
  • Or you can also use a ribbon or string across the wall and attach the photos with it using binder clips
  • Keep the party theme in your head while choosing photos, posters etc.


Don’t think that your guests are not going to look up! The room decoration will be incomplete if the ceiling remains plain. Hang the streamers such that they meet at the center of the ceiling. Then Bind some balloons to make a cluster and hand it at the center where the streamers meet.

  • You can also use different colors of balloons at the corner of the ceiling.
  • Along with latex balloons, you can also use foil balloons. They are available in more variety of themes and shapes.


Though it’s optional, using right lightning can give the party an elegant look. Those Simple multicolored string lights you use on charismas can add to the festive look. Run them on the wall, ceiling, and windows or wind them up along columns or railings.

  • String lights also come in different fun shapes such as hearts, stars, and chili papers.
  • Instead of string lights, you can also use candles for lighting. Just make sure they are not very close to something flammable.



It may seem a negligible thing to worry about, but a tablecloth can be the fine line between your party is ready or not. So choose one that matches with the decorative look and the theme.

Finishing touch:

It’s something that gives life to the party’s theme. For example, if the party theme is dance, then a mirrored disco ball at the center of the ceiling is an obvious thing. Or For a Hollywood themed party, using a red fabric as the red carpet will be fun!



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Final Verdict

A sense of fashion and your creativity will certainly add to the decoration. Contact the local party supply store. You’ll find different inflatable decorations based on different themes there.

Wish you a very happy birthday in advance!