Catch The Wave – Doug Ferony

There is something wonderfully nostalgic about the vibes that ooze out of every pore of Doug Ferony’s latest album, Catch The Wave. It takes the listener back to the golden age of the clubland crooner, the slick, tuxedo-clad, 50’s singers who used to entertain the cabaret and supper-club diners of the western world. Catch the […]


The Exciting Life of Musician Ido Sagir

We’ve often wondered if accountants think and dream in numbers, painters do it in colors and if musicians’ minds are constantly humming a tune and counting beats as their imaginations transport them from physical reality into the land of dreams at night as they sleep. Perhaps we will never know because most of the people […]


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a 29 years old musician who was born in United States and currently resides in the USA. In this page, you can find Lady Gaga address for fan letters and autograph request. Also, you can find below links to buy her photographs, pictures, posters, movies, DVDs, CDs and other memorabilia items. n […]