Neelum Muneer said “NO” to Bollywood

Neelum Muneer is famous Pakistani actress and model. She has marked her name in Pakistan’s media industry through her modeling, acting and glamorous looks. Her style and looks are always amazing. She has never failed to win hearts of people. She does everything flawlessly. Recently, Indian Film director Ikram Akhtar has approached Neelum Muneer. He has offered a lead role to Neelum Muneer in his film “India mein Lahore”. He has also sent her script for reading and going through her character. But Patriotic Neelum Muneer said “NO” to Bollywood. She denied his offer. She said that Pakistan’s media Industry is her first priority. She was asked for 3 months shooting schedule.

Why Neelum Muneer said “NO” to Bollywood?

She said, “what I am today is because of Pakistan’. Hence I look forward to serving my own local industry”.
She said acting is her passion that’s not only profession. This is the reason that she chooses project of her own taste. She further said, “Bollywood is a major film industry and every actor has aspirations to succeed over there. My best wishes and prayers are with the local actors who are currently engaged in Bollywood.” She also said, “I don’t have star phobia at all and I am not bothered about who is casted alongside me.” She added, “I consider myself lucky that people want to see me in films, but I don’t want to rush into making a decision, which I may regret later on”.

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