Delyric Entertainment

Delyric Oracle (Alexandra de Scheel ) has been taking the Hip Hop world by strom this year .Her hit single Vortex (feat young Nobel Tupac’s outlaws and Bossolo ) took over the radio waves from East to West (Title of her upcoming LP feat spice 1 ,Debo  of the Horseshoe Gang & other names ).

Recentely spotted hanging out with whitney peyton and spreem da Razarekta,a statment made by thr Hip Hop OG explained he heard her track live on air and got her manager to hook him up with the “feamle Twista ”

Making waves with her label Delyric Enetermainment (paperwork shows was begun while working with partner Adam Young building the brand & label of a celebritty son ousted by his straight outta comptom dad for being bad for business,we hear the power
duo agrees after taking quite a beatnig for their troubles ,As 0f yet,she will not speak directly on the controvercy .

Aside from talent signed ,Delyric Ent offers deals that have eerything needed to make a star ,and some things she came up with never done befoe .

The Lady MVP’d worthy of her buzz.We all love underdogs who come back so hard we think they never fall .

(Alexandra de Scheel (Delyric Oracle) was also recently notified that she is being awarded the Sage Institute Humanitarian Award 2016 for her work with the Arizona Womens Partnership, Black Lives Matter and concerts Delyric Ent is doing to raise money for the homeless in Phoenix)