4 advantages of listening to music at work

You are at your office in the middle of difficult work and you are getting more nervous because of the pressure then you turn on your favorite melody.  Does that distract you or help you concentrate?

For some, it is essential the music to do their work, but for others, silence is essential if they want to be productive and do things perfectly in their workplace.

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1. Relaxes you

When you are in a tense and stressful environment, music can be like that ray of the sunshine that crosses a cloudy or dark sky. Listening to certain musical rhythms can make it lessen or cut down the stress you experience during work and alter your mood. You can even relax so much that you can feel so good that you increase your productivity.

2. Helps you focus

According to some studies when a person listens to music can increase levels of dopamine, a brain chemical that helps increase concentration in people. However, what for some may be good for others can be counterproductive and make your concentration decrease. On the other hand, according to the trainer for adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Pete quily mentions that there have been improvements when listening to music during working hours.

3. It keeps you motivated

Many individuals find in music a source of motivation, even if you have to do a task that you do not like at all, listening to music can make that moment more enjoyable and easier to perform. However, if you have to do some kind of homework where you need to concentrate, it’s best to listen to classical music.

4. Help you to be creative

According to a study by a clinical psychologist at Ohio State University, Charles Emery, music stimulates the frontal lobe of your brain, so there are benefits to listening to music while performing some type of activity.  If your job requires a lot of creativity and imagination, allow yourself to listen to music to increase and flow that creativity that you want.

As mentioned at the beginning, this rule is not fulfilled in all people, because there are those who prefer tranquility to perform their work, while others flow or increase their strength to the rhythm of some musical sound.

Many experts say that listening to classical music helps people in their daily work and well-being and makes them more joyful. But if it is not to your taste, you could try as an experiment maybe you can take a surprise to listen to Bahc or Beethoven.

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