Bon Voyage: A Short Film Drama at Sea


The issue of whether or not to take in Syrian refugees polarizes opinion within the Western world. Some believe it’s our moral duty to welcome them with open arms, whereas others are worried about letting outsiders into our comfortable bubble. A new, emotionally-rich independent film entitled Bon Voyage is in the works that explores this dynamic. It features a couple on a sailing holiday in the Mediterranean who rescue a pair of refugees from amongst an ocean of dead bodies after the vessel that these unfortunate travelers were aboard sunk. The fears and concerns of the holidaymakers are contrasted with the hopes and dreams of their newfound passengers.

Swiss-British director Marc Wilkins and Turkish cinematographer Burak Turan have joined forces with Swiss production company DSCHOINT VENTSCHR (currently in the race for an academy award nomination with their latest doc IRAQ ODYSSEY for this movie) Driven by the current events, the shooting is planned end of January 2016, off the Turkish Mediterranean coast. Check it out for yourself at

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