Let’s Meet The Author of " The Last Bite " Melissa Pombo
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Let’s Meet the Author of “The Last Bite” Melissa Pombo

Recently, We’ve had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with Melissa Pombo, Author of ” The Last Bite “

Celebs Fans Team: First, tell us about the start of your professional career?
Melissa Pombo: I began writing “The Last Bite” in 2007. I wrote it and then re-wrote it more times than I can count. The hardest part for me was to try and make a conducive story flow on paper in exactly the way it was working in mind. Once I figured out that obstacle, everything fell into place.

Celebs Fans Team: What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?
Melissa Pombo:
Just do it. The worst thing anyone can ever tell you is No.

Celebs Fans Team: How’s your feelings when you get best response from the fans about your book “The Last Bite“?
Melissa Pombo:
It is a little surreal when someone comments about my book. I sometimes sit back and think to myself, “Wow, they actually liked it.” As a writer, much like other Authors, I am overly critical of all my work, so it is nice to hear a positive comment regarding my work.

Celebs Fans Team: Your most favorite character from ” The Last Bite”?
Melissa Pombo:
I would have to say my favorite character is Gabriel. He is everything a man should be. He is wounded and strong. He can be utterly unforgiving yet kind and sweet.

Celebs Fans Team: What is your motto or the advice you live by?
Melissa Pombo:
“Learn from yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow.” Albert Einstein.

Celebs Fans Team: What are your future goals?
Melissa Pombo:
I hope to continue creating these wonderful characters and imaginary world that I tend to live in. A movie deal would be awesome so I could see my imagination come to life.

Celebs Fans Team: Who is your favorite Author and why?
Melissa Pombo:
My favorite Author is either John Jakes or L.M. Montgomery. I grew up reading Montgomery, she wrote the Anne of Green Gables series. I discovered John Jakes about twenty years ago and love the historical aspects of all his books.

Celebs Fans Team: How can we follow you on social media?
Melissa Pombo:
You can find me on both Instagram and Facebook under AuthorMelissaPombo

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