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The next time you are traveling in a Lyft or Uber, you will soon see a web-series to accompany your ride home. A California based company is disrupting the way rideshare customers experience their travel.

TALHM Entertainment produces original content tailored to rideshare customers, targeting the key demographic of 18-35.  ‘L.A. Scope’ is a twenty minute show airing in rideshare vehicles in the Los Angeles area. The latest in concerts, theatre, festivals, comedy shows, restaurant openings are previewed.

This month’s program features listings to: Shania Twain performing at The Staples Center, Jackson Browne at The Greek Theatre, Weezer at The Forum.  A profile of Woody’s Grill food truck serving burritos. A performance by Jay Leno at the Comedy Magic Club. A profile of Kogi Korean fusion burrito. LA Dance Fusion Festival at the Queen Mary. A preview of the restaurant Tesse, in West Hollywood.

TALHM Entertainment founder, Tupper Russell, believes that the emerging market is attractive to both rideshare customers and advertisers. Russell considers the target audience “Prime-time, all the time”. A group that advertisers value.

Russell came up with the idea for TALHM Entertainment while driving himself for a rideshare service. He believes the ride could be enhanced for riders by offering customized entertainment during their trip.

“I realized that there was something missing while they’re sitting in the backseat of my car.”

Operating in California, TALHM Entertainment is building a fleet of rideshare cars enabled with their original entertainment content. Plans are to expand the model throughout the United States and to international markets.

Enjoy your next rideshare with unique content from TALHM Entertainment. Enjoy the trip and stay informed about experiences and events in Los Angeles.