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Back again with another house heater, Bcaizm (Brad Charles Anthony) is giving us full access to his sound bank. His new track titled: Don’t Go, is yet again, another energetic, grooving track that checks all the house heads boxes. “I was just happy to get back in the lab and create! And I think this track while having my signature sounding vibe, also contains a fresh take and approach in the deep house genre.” There is no question this track hits hard and in larger venues, will hit even harder.

The sound is groovy and you get those late night after hour vibes. And when asked about this approach to the track Brad replied – “I wanted the elements of the track to surround you and pull you in. I like to switch between genres and styles often, because I feel my production style is diverse.” Don’t Go will be streaming on all platforms globally as of Oct 22nd 2021, which is the set release date.

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