An Interview with Fashion Designer and Stylist Claire Yeron

We recently caught up with talented fashion designer and stylist, Claire Yeron about some of her career highlights, what keeps her motivated and why she loves LA so much. Here is what she had to say:

Hi Claire, nice to meet you. Please give us an intro about
your background in fashion etc:

When I was 10, I watched a New York Fashion Week runway show on TV and at that time I realized I was interested in art -especially fashion. I tried to study by myself then majored in fashion design for 4 years in university. I started my career as a fashion designer in a casual fashion company in Korea. I realized I preferred styling to designing so I changed my job. I worked as a fashion stylist for K pop artist EXO, Girls Generation, Super Junior, 2pm etc for 3 years in Korea -then came to the US in 2016. 
In LA. I am working as a fashion stylist for a Korean American Musician, a Chinese American rapper and a Fashion Influencer etc. I am also a fashion designer for young women’s contemporary and a fashion buyer for street wear/ hiphop style.

Have you dealt with some obstacles along the way with your work/clients?

As far as my career goes, I didn’t really have many problems with my employers or clients, I believe that if you enjoy work and love what you do, then everything is going to fall into place. I think I prepare as much as I can and also there’s a strike of luck involved too! 

What is your area of work/role in fashion?

I do fashion styling for musicians mainly -for their music videos, music festivals, performances and other events. I also do personal shopping for clients, including everyday people. It is only processed through my website but I am open to work with fashion retail companies, photographers, fashion magazines, directors and actors. I can cover any type of work in the fashion industry, when it comes to advising.

What have been some of the biggest highlights for you?

I think success has to lead me to happiness in every moment of my life. Most people define success as money, but I think if you are happy, every single day when you work in your career, then that is already success. I would never want to work as a mathematics teacher! LOL.

Who are some of the people you would like to mention that have stood out in your life?

I would like to say thank you to my old friends Hyeri Kim and Dustin Clendenen. Kim always helped me when I had a tough time as a fashion designer in South Korea -and has been working as a fashion designer in South Korea for over 10 years. Dustin encouraged me to have my own website here in the US and to contact new and major clients. This all helped so much towards my marketing and branding -having a very professional website, which in turn is very helpful for my business. 

Lastly, what are your thoughts on LA as a place for fashion?

I think Los Angeles is one of the best cities for working as a fashion stylist, as we have extremely diverse cultures in the world. I think LA is better than any other city -Hollywood, all kinds of entertainment businesses here in LA. So I think if you have passion and good sense of fashion, you can be very successful here!

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