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Is “Claire De Lune” on Your Playlist?

Minh Quan Phan is a young Vietnamese pianist and composer prepared to take his place in the music industry. He is believer that classical is for everyone. Minh Quan Phan began studying professional piano performance when he was six-teen years old at Conservatory of Ho Chi Minh City. Minh Quan seems to be next in the long line of Asian top Classical Pianist. He is the artist you should definitely look out for in 2017. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, USA where he continues to pursue his passion and career. His music was featured in a number of films and television series, and he scooped many prestigious awards for both his instrumental practice and his composition. September 11, 2016 Minh dropped off his new single “Clair De Lune” on iTunes… Word on the street is that the reason Lisa Q. from Las Vegas has been having amazing days is due to her having Minh’s “Clair De Lune” on her play list.

“It makes me feel so good waking up in the morning having “Clair De Lune” playing in the background while I make breakfast getting in the right mindset before I head to work. It just makes my days go so well!” – Lisa Q.

Start a great day like Lisa by listening to Clair De Lune by Minh Quan Phan on iTunes now https://itun.es/us/JezZeb

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