London King
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London King ! A Young, fresh & talented British singer-songwriter

Young, fresh and talented British singer-songwriter London King took over the stage at a very young age. Her first live performance happened when she was only four, in front of a crowd of 500 people. Her passion for songwriting started at age 11, when she wrote her very first song ‘Sinking in the Darkness’, featured also on her first EP. She has been performing live across LA and UK since she was only fourteen years old. Initially started out as the frontwoman of a rock band called Rancid, London became a solo artist at age 18. Her first EP as a solo act came out soon after in 2014 , called ‘Golden Edition’, which has been produced by award winning musician and producer James Colah, and Cornell Sorian. In early 2017 she began producing her second EP, with ‘Producer of the Year’ Aubrey Whitfield, called Antichrist Child, released in December 2017. The EP, which has a brand new electronic sound to it, is defined by King as ‘the most honest, genuine and heartfelt’ EP.

“I’ve poured my whole heart in the making of it. Aubrey and i have been working very hard to get the right sound and words out. I knew exactly what i wanted this time. A more mature sound, which reflected how i grew in only couple of years.’ King says.

‘Also it was very important for me to separate this new ‘era’ from my teenage years. I feel like a different person, and i wanted to show it in my EP.’ she adds.

You can find the EP Antichrist Child’ on Spotify and iTunes. It is absolutely recommended, wonderful beats and outstanding songwriting.