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KONSTANTINOS DILZAS meets SANDRA CRETU in a special MASH-UP 2018 track

Konstantinos Dilzas, the Greek boy who entered iTunes Latin Charts one year ago with the song “Petra & Efhi”, is going to break the boat with a new special project!

O(ne year after  the release of smash hit “In the Dark” which succeeded a lot  at Euro Disco Clubs and at USA too (DJ Cox Piano Fantasia Remix), Konstantinos meets our beloved DIVA  SANDRA CRETU in a special Project produced by the famous Dj / Producer Chris Zeephat (DJ ChrisZ) from Netherlands!

A mash up special remix of “In the Dark” and “Innocent Love” is going to be released on March (estimated date:  3 March 2018) as we are just informed from the Dutch Recording studio where  the song is being mastering.

Konstantinos has released many covers on Greek songs last year and also some very interesting Electronic Dance Music tracks based on poems composed by himself and translated in English by Tina Refenes that had a significant airplay at EDM radios worldwide. (His last track “on the Attiki Odos” reached the No1 at Indie Music people Charts last month)

He also produces  Italo Disco tracks like the “in the dark” and the special remixes of his song “Petra & Efhi” under the magic touch of his special producer DJ ChrisZ.

Stay tuned for the new dance track “Innocent Love in the dark” by Konstantinos and Sandra!


Until then let’s remember the amazing  “in the dark (extended version)”: