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Jon king A Famous Music Producer

Over the past 14 years, Jon King has made more than 10,000 beats. As a music producer – collaborating with two-time Emmy-winning artists year after year – he’s put in the work that it takes to make a successful career … a thousand times over. In fact, it’s that very idea that led to his stage name, Thousand Times.

His most recent display of that work is a new album called “Road Maps,” and one of the album’s singles – “Day & Night,” an upbeat pop-inspired track has received over a million plays (https://soundcloud.com/liftoffmusicgroup01/sets/roadmaps). The album features electronic music with a hip-hop aesthetic – all couched within a positive, uplifting message that says, “If you focus, work hard and follow your dreams; the sky is the limit.” It’s an album he’s extremely proud of, having created all the tracks for every song and collaborating with some of the country’s hottest up-and-coming artists.


“When I came up with the name for the album I was thinking of how my music has been kind of a road map to financial freedom,” he said. “But it’s more than that, really. It’s about creative freedom and being able to explore things through music. Road Map is for sale worldwide.