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Ethan Donbavand – Back for Christmas

If you have been reading our articles here on CelebsFans.com you will have come across an article we published on MTV Love Squad regular, Ethan Donbavand.

In our last interview we reported “Mr Donbavand is rumoured to make a return to TV this winter in a new show, keep an eye peeled for him in the festive season”. Well in December 2019, this rumour turned out to be true as Ethan appeared on our screens once more in the hit TV consumer show “Buy It Now For Christmas”.

We managed to catch up with Ethan and question him about his time on the show and the secrecy behind it.

He told us “You can never really tell anyone your on these types of things until they air. There are so many changes that can happen from the original filming period and you just never know how the finished product will turn out. It was amazing to be a part of and learn something new from the amazing vendors getting their products out just in time for Christmas”.

Mr Donbavand has been rumoured yet again to make a return to Film & TV in new projects all over 2020, keep an eye peeled for him in the rest of the year to come.

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