Celebrities What to Do Before Joining Film Industry

 It is said that no job too big or small, it does not .Hard work and dedication to the exceptional work can be made ​​fruitful , but in the hearts of dedication and work if a person does not do justice to my career .

There is something in Bollywood .move your art or craft are his children .But there are actors in the film industry , whose relationship to the family was neither a movie nor a Godfather , Bill today, whatever your expenses are. In the past, several actors were fired before acting mild to access as well as the film industry were also weigh . Here we mention some of the stars are:

boman irani

Boman Irani is an indian famous actor  also a five-star hotel in Mumbai, Boman worked as waiters and room service provided

soha ali khan

Soha Masters in International Relations from London after the Ford Foundation in an institution for some time job . Soha return to India after a grueling job in a bank , but soon became bored with his job and he decided to try their luck in acting .

akshay kumar

Akshay Kumar is a black belt holder and Bangkok before moving into films as a chef at a restaurant, the waiter was doing his job , so his martial arts training can pay . Akshay came back to India, he had a job as a gym teacher in the martial arts . While a few students suggested that due to their physical fitness modeling must exert . Akshay started visiting various studios and it ‘s destined to die soon found work in the film ‘ Deedar ‘ . Today he is considered the king of action films .

parineeti chopra

Prineeti Chopra, cousin of actress Priyanka chopra out in a very short time in the industry has created its own identity . Perino did not act any particular interest , but they wanted to be business women . UK Business , Finance and Economics degrees the Perino was working in a bank in the UK , but due to some financial problems and not able to continue his job and returned to India . Yash Raj Films marketing sector Perino here as a courtesy PRO job . Also this was the marketing coordinator ‘s job . Chopra adyth same job one day and called her office to work in the film Perino offered .

amitabh bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan science undergraduate bird and a shipping company in Calcutta for some time job .

rakhi sawant
Rakhi very young, his family is working . From the age of ten he has made known to eat on a daily basis , working in different offices . Then he had a job for some time bardansr . B- grade roles in several films , Rakhi made ​​a very inappropriate , for which there is no advantage .

dilip kumar

For their fans a glimpse of the way they were arranged in the eyes and heart .Ie they Yusuf Khan , Dilip Kumar with his father before becoming a fruit delivery in Peshawar, Pakistan worked . Even though I was acting the same passion for the partition and Dilip Kumar Yusuf Khan visited Mumbai to become the queen of hearts of millions

dev anand

There was a time when young people especially girls crazy for Dev Anand was used . Adapt to their style when the boy was so proud . From 1950 until 1960, in the era of Dilip Kumar , Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand was very famous Triangle . Dev Anand film before Mumbai Church Gate , located in an area used to be an office clerk ‘s job and then his salary was 165 .


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