When I first looked at some of Ego Mikitas’s portfolio, I could instantly see the power in his face and his eyes. I could also tell that this extremely interesting performer could portray the hero, the villain or any character in between in both film or on stage. My first thoughts were “This guy has an enormous amount of presence”.

Besides all his incredible acting roles over the last few years, Ego has had quite an impressive background. Just a glimpse inside his resume’ reads as follows; TV journalist, theater director, show producer, beauty pageant jury member, master of sport, guest professor, martial arts and classic dance specialist, high school musical graduate and not to forget, a father of 3.

All of this experience has clearly transferred from Ego, into his characters, he plays so believably and honestly.

Ego also has a long acting resumé on top of all of his other artistic pursuits. His CV includes features where he has usually played mob bosses and villains although he was in Troy 2, The Odyssey, in which he played the supporting role of King Priam. The movie was classified as a historical action. There are many fighting scenes, fires, explosions, monsters, and everything that audiences can expect from a good action movie. However, it was Ego’s appearance that made the movie clearly more believable as he adds some real drama to it. Actor’s performances always compare with their predecessors. In the first ‘Troy’ production, King Priam was beautifully played by Peter O’Toole. His vision of the character was tremendous, but absolutely matched to his own age and physical abilities. His death wasn’t heroic, cowardly, and useless for the future of his Kingdom. As Ego played the same role, he reminded audiences that a 50 year old man is still full of physical power and he may and will fight as a great warrior, when the future of his people are at stake.

In Troy 2, Ego further developed the human like attributes of his character. Audiences may see he is in love with Circe, the beautiful lead of his guards. His last words to his son Paris, his last look to the burning city were highly dramatic scenes with the power of the deadly wounded, yet he still remains a great King. When he lost everything and only the mission he may complete is revenge for the sake of his kingdom rebirth, he made it perfect. In his final scene, we may see Ego’s character fight as a lion and it is a given that the audience will have goose bumps, because of Ego’s presence coming across the screen.

Hollywood is already realizing this guys enormous charisma and talent. We can’t wait to see what this international performer does next.