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Book Worms: A Review

Charlotte Rothwell (My Crazy Ex) stars in Book Worms, a thriller directed by Adaora Nwandu, famed for directing the film festival sensation Rag Tag. The film follows three best friends (Rothwell, Zoombies star Ione Butler and Debora Giannone) who appear to be having a normal afternoon, until an intruder (Matt Madden, Treme) breaks into the home and attempts to take Marcella (Rothwell) as his victim. However, in an unsuspected turn, the three women turn the tables on the unsuspecting man and reveal in a chilling twist that they are, in fact, much more deadly than he is. The film will have you on the edge of your seats from beginning to end, led by a stella performance by Rothwell that reveals what a gifted actress she truly is. She brings Marcella to life in a way that is beautifully harrowing to watch and though you know what she is doing is wrong, you always empathize with her- want to save her, even. She is the backbone of the film, the light in the darkness, and simply stunning to watch. We never really know for sure what happened in the past to take these three ladies down such a dark, tortured path, but one thing that is certain is that Charlotte Rothwell is set to be Hollywood’s next Golden Girl. Her time is now.