Impact of following a celebrity lifestyle

Majority of us are impressed by the celebrities’ lifestyle. Their dresses, handbags, jewelry, vehicles, even their furniture and household items are being copied by their fans. I even know a person who had built a house replicating the house of the celebrity he was a fan of. Being a fan of someone is a big feeling even though it’s almost impossible to live some moments with your favorite celeb but living your life the way your role model is living is pretty possible and gives a kind of satisfaction to the fan. 

So the fan I mentioned above not only built a house similar to his favorite celeb ( I won’t mention his name as he strictly asked me to keep it a secret) but also put all his savings into buying the material from top notch companies. From bricks to tiles, electrical power cable to electric appliances, wallpapers to ceilings he hasn’t compromised on quality. And luckily he was able to hire one of the best house builders in town and they have made a perfect replica of the celeb’s house. 

It perfectly demonstrates how to achieve the dreams that are so far from you and seems to be impossible. Celebrities are role models, they are loved by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. But there are only a few who can actually prove their utter love for them. There are dozens of cases where people went a step forward and went through a phase of plastic surgeries to get a look similar to the person they follow and love. I would say that’s something crazy and won’t recommend.

You can follow someone, you can love the celebs, you can follow their styles and number of things that are easily possible. But don’t go far away in this passion as you have your own life to live too. 

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