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David Lyric ! Man Of Hiphop

David Lyric is the Dos Equis man of hip hop. A larger than life figure that seems to surmount every section of entertainment he touches. The artist manager, promoter, video editor, audio engineer, and photographer has released music that’s on the verge of being legendary. The five song e.p. has already been mentioned in Source Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly and Hype Magazine. This is from the guy who was normally behind the scenes photographing celebreties. We may be looking at a LeBron James of entertainment. By the way, he’s photographed him too! His music reviews are much better than anticipated. Oddly he’s not on social media as much as he used to be, but David says he’ll release more music later in 2019. For now he’s enjoying the meantime. Which is also the name of his biggest single with over 1 million streams. Click the link below to stream David Lyric “Meantime”.

Twitter: @davidlyric

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