Dr Angela Wilson
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Inspiring Cutting-edge Coach Dr Angela Wilson of High-Performance

Dr Angela Wilson, PhD, CEO and head coach From www.UltimateSelfMastery.Academy is a cutting-edge mentor of the new generation in 21 century “in self-help industry on the international scale.”

As a live proof and survival, she has successfully transformed herself from an unwanted new-born marked with incorrect legal birthdate record lifetime after being escaped from numerous devastating situations to a leading coach at the global stage.

The magic behind the capability in turning knowledge into practical and tangible wisdom is through practising on a different level of self -mastery technique series which she has integrated with professional experience and daily practice since childhood.

After having rescued a Japanese investor from a damaging-led trick in her early 20’s among the set-up jungle and temperature, she noticed her unique intelligence in investigation, critical thinking, risk control skill and strategical action plan.

It benefits from her hardship with stressed doctoral parents who deal with local celebrities and successful entrepreneurs, politicians on a daily base.

This kind of intelligence, later on, contributes to her creativity in a holistic strategy for clients outcome in business, career and personal life.

The Ultimate Self-mastery system is designed to walk one through the inspiring journey of self-discovery until one earn the skill and can stabilise it, so to solve problems in business, career and personal life.


It is a given the more we desire, the deeper problematic scenario we can be trapped into, if without a risk control formula of our internal world. It has been a myth for all motivated individual and groups on how to escape the “fate” without losing the powerful self-mind control we hold.

But it is just a scam, as we can do it -if we know the secret behind. Dr Angela Wilson releases all the insight and core techniques so achievers can break the spell and free themselves from sudden unwanted breakdown or a tragic ending.

Dr Angela Wilson specialises in coaching on how to remove the internal blockage and suffering permanently, from life-threatening, breakdown, devastating, chronic issues in holistic health, relationship, parenting, adversity, life purpose, success, leadership within, diversity, soul development. As a result, the tremendous impact on business, career and personal life can be minimised or terminated.

Unlike Other offers in the marketplace without a deadline for the tangible result, it is a must and startup to design, evaluate and map up the step-by-step practical action to reach your desired goal in a time frame, which must be a part of the guarantee of your whole journey safety and success.

“Once we can truly master from the within, all the rest will take care of itself.”  —Dr Angela Wilson PhD

Dr Angela Wilson is on her life mission to serve a bigger scale of those who serve others. For those who can not afford her service, www.PeaceTalk.org is a right place to go.