Talented Actor Of ‘Myall Creek Day Of Justice’ Alex Radu

Alex Radu, the Australian actor, began his acting career at the age of thirteen performing in theatre productions. He had planned on a career in journalism after high school but luckily he decided to stick with his initial love of acting and pursued his craft while attending the well known Actors Workshop in Brisbane, Australia. He immersed himself in classes and worked with highly reputable and talented acting coaches such as Paul Booth, Rob Doran and Larry Moss. He became grounded in the acting methods and techniques of masters like Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Stanislavsky and Grotowsky.

Along the way, Alex was cast as Hamlet in Shakespeare’s play ​Hamlet, ​ Jamie in ​Long Day’s Journey Into Night, ​ and won critical praise for his performance as Edward Mirabell in ​The Way of The World. During his early career he also appeared in numerous short films such as, ​Feathers & Sticks and Stones ​ . He also wrote and starred in the short film ​Bunker.

Alex has a great deal of acting talent and is capable of doing anything he wants to in television or films. Looking at his resumé however, it looks like he definitely prefers acting in motion pictures more than anything else. And that is exactly what he has been doing – and doing very well at it also. Although Alex has appeared in numerous feature-length motion pictures one of his fairly recent ventures was purely Australian and dealt with an infamous period in the country’s history and its race relations in particular. ​Myall Creek Day of Justice ​ was shot downunder and was directed by Brad Diebert. Alex had a key role as the landowner.

The film is based on true events that took place in 1838 in Australia. It not only exposes the story of the brutal Myall Creek Massacre in which 28 Aboriginal people were killed, but it also tells of the heroic actions of the men who hunted down the murderers and the trial and punishment that followed. Seven of the killers were hung for the crime.

Besides Alex, ​Myall Creek Day of Justice ​ had other well known and well established Australian actors in its cast. Among them were: Roy Billing, (​The Dish, Underbelly), Travis McMahon (​Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, I Love You Too ​ ), and Marcus Graham (​Underbelly, Mullholland Drive ​ )

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